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Club Economique

Clubbe Economique is our organization dedicated to enhancing the economic literacy of the business students here in the Walton College. The club meets monthly and invites distinguished guests, preferably alumni, to address our students concerning economic topics in the real world. This gives our members the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about their employment prospects as well as their future work environment. In the past we have had bank presidents, chief financial officers and senior economists make presentations on a variety of subjects.

We encourage our members to interact with our guests and seek their advice concerning their future career choice. Should you wish to participate as a guest speaker, we would absolutely love to have you come. Feel free to contact Dr. Robert Stapp, faculty advisor if you are interested, or just come on by! Generally, our membership numbers around 60 people. Please join us in our quest to enlighten the masses about economics.

Economics Honor Society

Omicron Delta Epsilon

The International Honor Society in Economics is Omicron Delta Epsilon (The American Economist). It is open to all students in economics, business administration, or elsewhere who have completed at least 12 hours of economics. You do not have to be an economics major.

Eligible members...

  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0+ and 3.0+ in their economics classes.
  • No more than 6 hours can be at the freshman or sophomore level.

The one time initiation fee of $30 recognizes your membership in the Honor Society and provides a handsome certificate and a one year subscription to "The American Economist" our scholarly journal.

New memberships are submitted prior to Thanksgiving and prior to spring break.

As an Honor Society there are no regular meetings. Instead your academic achievement is recognized in your major field or in economics as a supporting or allied field.

For further information please contact our advisor:

David Gay
Economics Professor

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